Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recent videos

Lately it seems like we never get the video camera out in time for the good stuff, but here's a few clips from the past couple weeks.

Hayley gets more and more vocal everyday; she says basic words all the time (she's a big fan of 'look!' and 'yeah'). Now and then she just makes noise for its own sake. Sometimes very loudly:

Starting out with 'ah' sounds, she eventually moved on to 'bah'. We're not sure exactly what she was trying to tell us (and why she sounded so urgent), but it was clearly of great importance. I guess we'll never know.

Later that evening Hayley showed us precisely when something amusing becomes annoying:

Luckily, being her parents, we're able to detect and react to that precise moment very quickly, thus averting a possible meltdown.

Here we have a quick example of how technologically attuned kids are these days:

Miranda uses her iPhone quite a bit, so naturally Hayley has taken a liking to it. Being the most adorable child ever, mommy has a hard time saying no when Hayley wants to play with it, so she also spends a fair amount of time with the phone. As a result, Hayley can now unlock it and even use a few apps (sort of). I'm not sure whether that's an indication of her intelligence or the user-friendliness of the iPhone. Maybe both.

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mrs.notouching said...

The child is genius! And a cute one too.