Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby mecca and a perk of pregnancy

Finally, something to do! As evidenced by the lack of posts on our family blog, the last month or so has been relatively uneventful, at least on the baby front. We went in for another checkup (Squirtle's heartbeat is still the most wonderful sound in the world) and Miranda's morning, noon and night sickness has begun to subside (a huge relief, as you might imagine).

This weekend, Miranda and I decided to start our baby registry. So, we ventured to the land of baby stuff, Babies "R" Us. Two separate in-store trips and several hours of online research later, Squirtle's registry had nearly 90 items. And that doesn't even include everything we plan to get. Who knew that a kid needed so much stuff? Surprisingly, when you add up the cost of it all, it actually doesn't come out to that much. Thank goodness for small miracles.

If you'd like to check out the registry, click here.

During our trips to Babies "R" Us, as well as the mall across the street, we got to experience one of the few perks of pregnancy (which I will sorely miss after Squirtle graces us with his presence): Expectant Mother Parking.

These spaces are like Handicap parking, except you feel proud and excited as you walk away from your car. The expectant mother parking at Babies "R" Us is especially fun, as it is plentiful and adorably marked.