Monday, January 11, 2010

Self-feeding, ball mania, and music

The first week (or so) of the new year and we've already got some milestones to report. Only one of which is an actual milestone, but hey.

During lunch on Wednesday, mommy and grandma tried to get Hayley to feed herself for the first time, but were unsuccessful. So daddy took a crack at it during breakfast the next day. I handed her a spoon with food on it (apples and oatmeal) and she immediately put it in her mouth as if she had been doing this for years. I busted out my phone to take a picture for Miranda, hoping she would perform the feat again. She obliged, so I ran and grabbed the actual camera, for which Hayley again fed herself. At this point I was thinking wow, my baby is awesome and I didn't even have to do anything! Apparently I jinxed it, because after that she stopped putting the spoon in her mouth. And now she refuses to even hold the spoon. Ah well, at least we have proof that she did it.

On Saturday we picked up a new toy for Hayley at the mall. Normally I am not an impulse buyer, but we saw a ball pit for what seemed like a good price, and in my head I imagined my daughter having the time of her life in it (much like the little photoshopped girl on the box). We set it up after she went to bed so she could play with it first thing in the morning. Sadly, she did not have "ball mania".

We had to put other toys that she likes in the ball pit just to get her to go in and she was clearly not pleased with the situation. She humored us for about 10 minutes. We tried it again later on in the day but she couldn't wait to get out of it. And today? She full on cries if we put her OR her favorite toys in it. Now we have this huge useless thing in our living room.

Today I took Hayley to a Music Together class. We've been to a few demo classes before, but now we're actually enrolled in a full semester (go to if you don't know what I'm talking about). Like any baby, Hayley has really shown appreciation for music, mostly at a rhythmic level at this stage. She loves to drum on things and play with her various percussion instruments. She certainly hears music a lot in her daily life. Considering how important music is for a person's development (and lifelong happiness in my opinion), we really want to encourage Hayley's interest. Of course she is still a little young to fully participate in a Music Together class, but that doesn't mean it won't benefit her to be there. She definitely enjoys it, though for her, today was more about the novelty of the other kids and parents. After a few weeks, I hope she'll get over that and start clapping along with the songs and shaking her butt like she does at home!


mrs.notouching said...

Oh she will come around and will LOVE the music class - Leila used to cry when we first went to Gymboree... she also cried the first 20 times I put her on the swing... now? She screeches with happiness when we go to Gymboree and whenever she sees the swing. Babies.... go figure. Oh and we are definitely getting one of those ball things - if she doesn't like I will sit in it.

seekingclarav said...

Ok, so your ball thing is wayyyy cooler than ours. Damn. Yay on the Music class, and don't worry, she'll be shaking it like Shakira in no time!