Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hayley Baby

Hayley's 11 month birthday came and went with no fanfare here on the blog, largely due to the fact that I'm in utter denial about my little baby growing up.

Every single day I am amazed by some new advancement Hayley has made. I'm overwhelmed as I watch her baby fat slip away, exposing her features a little more and revealing this new kid before me. I stare at Geoff in disbelief and ask, "Did she really just say [insert "cat", "kitty cat", "that", "bottle", etc. here]?!?" I wake up every hour to check the baby monitor since she hasn't made a peep all night. I secretly relish the fact that Hayley has no interest in walking and will remain in my arms a little longer. I absolutely live for her spontaneous bouts of laughter and wet little kisses.

I know I have quite a bit more time to get to know my little girl, and I fully intend to savor every single second, but I am going to miss the Hayley Baby days when they're gone.

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