Monday, January 12, 2009

Just about the best day ever.

Last Saturday was my baby shower and I really can't express what a wonderful day it was. I was really excited about it in the days leading up, but it was many times better than I ever imagined. I need to give a HUGE thank you to Kelley and Steph for putting it together, as well as to Mom, Kati and Margaret for helping them out. Here are some pics to take you through the day:

First, I walked in and the entire house was decorated. It was the cutest thing ever. What I loved was that so much of the decoration was functional, we got to take it all home!
Even the computer was all decked out!
Then I noticed the table covered in yummy food, catered by Steph's mom, Marsha. They obviously know how to keep a pregnant woman happy! Also, all those flower arrangements were done by my Aunt Margaret. The one on the food table was especially thoughtful because she made sure to include white lilies and heather, just like my wedding bouquet (which she also put together for me!). Once the boys departed we started on some games. Now, most shower games are fairly lame but all 3 of the games we played were great! The standout was a game of memory where you had to match baby/birth words together and each time you did you won a corresponding candy bar. For instance, match "Baby Giggles" and you received a Snickers bar. "Daddy"? A Big Hunk bar. "Conception"? A Skor bar. "Epidural"? Life Savers. It went on and on and it was really fun to see which each match would bring.After games we called Geoff back to the house and started on the gifts. This portion of the shower took the longest, by far, as Geoff and I are blessed to have a truly generous family and group of friends. Here are a few pics of us ooh-ing and aww-ing over a few items and then a final shot of what her room looked like once all the gifts were brought in that night:
My uncle Dan even made sure to send over a gift just for Geoff:
After gifts I was bullied into cutting the most adorable cake I'd ever seen. My mom had taken my shower invite to Icing on the Cake (who made our wedding cake and all of the video game cakes I've given to Geoff over the years) and had them put a design together. It was white cake with lemon filling and a butter cream frosting. The cake was decorated with pink polka dots all over, the stroller from the invite on top and the words "Welcome to the world Hayley!" around the side. If I'd had my way we never would have eaten it and I'd find some way to preserve it forever. It was just beautiful.
I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone that made the day possible, everyone who came to celebrate with us and everyone who couldn't make it but sent us good thoughts that day. I will truly never forget Hayley's shower and I can't wait to introduce her to all of you!

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