Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday 2008 wrap-up

She may not be born yet, but Hayley's presence was certainly felt all throughout this holiday season. From the baby gifts, to the feasting, to the realization that Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same (they'll be better), Hayley has become an integral part of our lives. Of course, family has always been the focus this time of year. I don't think she knows what's coming, though. Let's just hope Hayley gets into the holiday spirit as much as the rest of us!

Thanksgiving at Danny and Patti's house

We tend to eat well for the holidays. This is but a modest sampling. Unfortunately, Hayley didn't appreciate the loss of space whenever Mommy had her share of the feast. Pretty soon, Mommy will be able to eat and breathe like a normal person! Woo!

Xmas at Nancy and Matt's house

This picture only represents about 20% of all the gifts opened that day in that house. I'm not even kidding.

Hayley's own adorable little mouse ornament.

Mommy and Grandma trying not to cry (but failing) while reading Hayley's gift from Grandpa. (On the Night You Were Born)

Daddy getting the best baby gift ever (zip-up Maggie Simpson star outfit).

Daddy loves you!

Another insanely cute ornament, which is now hanging in the nursery.

We are the Tuttles. Welcome.

New Year's Eve at Steph's house

Here we are toasting the new year, 2009, the year of our beautiful daughter's birth! We couldn't be happier! We are so excited for the coming whirlwind and for the joy of the next holiday season in Hayley's company.

Click here to view our Picasa web album, with all of the pics from the holidays.

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