Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are We There Yet?

I'm going to be honest: this first month kinda sucks.

We have yet to break the news to most of our friends (we'll do that at the end of July). However, we do still see our friends, and Miranda IS pregnant. This leads to situations like the following: yesterday Noah and Stephanie (not our roommate) got married. When the subject of the cake came up during the reception, Stephanie told us there was chocolate mousse in it, at which point I exclaimed "Awww" while looking at Miranda. (She can't have mousse due to the possibility of foodborne illness from raw eggs.) Everyone looked at me, wondering what that meant, and I immediately realized my error. After an awkward silence, I just shrugged my shoulders. Luckily, Tim proceeded to make a joke about me, which I gratefully latched onto in order to distract everyone from questioning the real reason for my "disappointment" regarding the mousse.

Basically, I just want to tell everyone I know, but it's better to wait, so I have to constantly bite my tongue around certain people. Thank goodness our families know!

And then there's the nausea. No, I'm just fine. Miranda, not so much. Obviously, it's never enjoyable to see your wife sick or in pain, but this is especially tough to witness. I do what I can to help, but in the end I do not have any miracle healing powers. That is frustrating. Hopefully we'll be picking up the anti-nausea medicine soon, because it's really getting bad. Also, in theory, the nausea relents by the second trimester, so my fingers are crossed for that.

To make matters worse, as Miranda said, it's hard to see what all this pain and frustration is for at this stage. We don't even have a decent ultrasound. Yolk sacs are all well and good, but I want to see Squirtle! I want to confirm the heartbeat. I want something substantial. For Miranda's sake as well as mine.

Our excitement is being tempered in the wake of the initial discovery. Now we play the waiting game. The waiting game sucks.


k said...

ur so cute geoff :)

Anonymous said...

With the holiday upon us and the impending birth of our first grandson the birth of our nation is foremost in our minds today. For your mother and I both hold the same potential of greatness this is tempered by my inclination to put the birth of our grandson ahead! It is especially poignant to spend the day recalling our roots in Boston, times and events there, the nostalgia of the Pops on the Charles and considering all the future proposes for the growing family.