Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ah, the power of eBay

Direct from Hong Kong, Squirtle has arrived! No, we didn't adopt a Chinese baby. We acquired a plush toy (no longer available in the states at retail) of our actual baby's current namesake. It's the turtle Pokemon from the original game. He's cute, he has a funny voice, and his toy form is now officially our kid's first stuffed animal. Or, it will be once they're born. Hopefully, by renaming our baby before he/she meets the "real" Squirtle, we can avoid a cataclysmic explosion due to some sort of space-time anomaly as worlds collide. Uh... right.


Miranda said...

You're such a dork. :)

Marthe said...

You realize this is the new millenium version of cabbage patch kids! And if we had kept a "stuffed" sample of your namesake, imagine the reaction to a 27+yr old diaper! (Your mother's adaptation of Beep. Yes, back-in-the-day diapers were called beepers.) Obviously, your choice will age better than ours...LOL

k said...

squirtle is adorable! i don't understand the last part though :|