Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The First Sighting of Squirtle

This morning was our first visit to the doctor. When we arrived they gave me a stack of forms to fill out as well as a beautiful rose to say "Congratulations"; we thought this was a sweet gesture. Once we went to the exam room it became obvious that we were going to get an ultrasound- I wasn't expecting that! The doctor came in, did an exam and determined an estimated due date (EDD) of February 11. This would mean I was about 7 weeks along already. We then began the ultrasound.

During the ultrasound the doctor was able to see that I wasn't as far along as we'd originally thought. Apparently my cycle is longer than "normal" therefore I ovulate later. It's estimated that I'm only about 5 weeks along (Mom, that means Squirtle's the size of a sesame seed!) and it was too early to have a heartbeat. This was a bit disappointing to us. We have a follow up ultrasound scheduled for the morning of July 11.

That tiny white spec in the middle? That's the cutest little yolk sac we've ever seen!

The rest of the appointment consisted of me giving a urine and blood sample. The tech at the blood center wasn't very friendly and she had a hard time finding a vein to use. When she finally settled on one and began filling the vials my blood was coming very slowly. After a few minutes of watching my blood trickle into the 7th vial I started feeling queasy and light headed. I rushed into the bathroom just in time for my first "fruitful" bout of morning sickness. It was kinda awful.

Geoff and I headed home and he ran upstairs to put our rose in some water. He came back down to the car and said some of the petals had fallen off. By then I was in a bit of a *ahem* mood and didn't feel well so I was a little upset to hear this. When I came home this was the state of the rose:

That about sums up how I felt about the day.

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its so cute and tiny!