Thursday, April 8, 2010

The egg is calling for you

It's weird to realize that we're celebrating holidays for the second time with Hayley, instead of the first. St. Patrick's Day and now Easter have happened twice since she was born. The former was pretty low key for us, while the latter was a bit more eventful. Easter doesn't hold any religious significance for our family, but it's a special day nonetheless, especially now that Hayley is here.

We dressed her up in an adorable new outfit and headed out to grandma's house in the morning. First order of business: Hayley's Easter basket! Miranda put together another great little basket of gifts that Hayley genuinely seemed to enjoy, for the most part. There was a pair of sunglasses and a bunny ear headband that she really didn't want to wear (surprise!). Luckily, grandma didn't mind putting them on for the camera.

Afterward it was time for Hayley's first Easter egg hunt. We wanted it to be fun for her; as you'll see in the video, we made the eggs easy to find since she's only 13 months old. Also, Miranda got this cool electronic egg that calls out to the person trying to find it:

We spent the rest of our time there just hanging out and eating a delicious lunch together. We went back home in the afternoon so we could watch the opening night of the baseball season (Yankees @ Red Sox!). Easter and the start of the MLB season don't usually coincide, but that's how it worked out this year. It was actually a really great game and a very nice way to cap off the holiday.

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