Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Wonderful Ones

Dear Hayley,

Today you turned 14 months old. I know I sound like a broken record, but I must say this past month has by far been the best yet. I am just so appreciative of every single moment I have with you, with our little family. Daddy and I still have moments where we look at you, then look at each other, grin and say, "Can you believe that we were lucky enough to get HER for a daughter?" And you know what, Hayley? I really can't.

This past weekend we removed the rain battered "Baby on Board" sign from our car and it was quite symbolic for me because this past month I have come to terms with the fact that you aren't my little baby girl anymore- and that's truly ok because I just adore the little kid you're developing into.

You are starting to show interest in standing and walking more and more everyday. I think your cautious nature is really whats hindering your ability. You prefer to risk taking a tentative step unassisted on the cushy couch or our bed where you know the fall will be soft and gentle. You actually seem to rather like the falling part and often stand just so you can fall back down on purpose. Sometimes we can distract you with some beloved toy (or, most likely, my iPhone) and in your hurry to grasp the object you abandon all hesitation and take a few quick steps. Might you actually learn to run before you walk?

Daddy started taking you to Gymboree this month in an effort to get you some play time with other kids your age. You're gradually warming up to it but you still like to stay close to Daddy. I understand- he's awfully comforting, isn't he? That's kinda why I chose him for us. You do love when the teacher blows bubbles, though, so we bought are own to use at home. Just as in class, you always seem to catch a few in your hair.

Work has been difficult for me the past few weeks but the thing that gets me through every rough day is knowing that when I get home, we'll all three lounge on the bed for some family bed time. We grab a few toys and tell each other about our day. It's when I hear all about the neat/funny/weird/silly/impressive things you do while I'm away and you happily demonstrate the new trick you learned. The time is filled with lots of hugs, kisses and renditions of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and for those 10 minutes, everyday, I feel completely blessed.

So, no, you may not be a little baby anymore, but you're still my Sweets.



k said...

that was too adorable.. maybe my fav post yet <3

Margaret said...

Yep, pretty sweet. Felt myself get a little teary.