Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New videos

To start, allow me to introduce Hayley Houdini:

The first time she did this, before I got the camera going, we really couldn't find the pacifier for a little while. Turns out she had hidden it under her so she was basically sitting on it. Sneaky baby.

Next we have some quick cuteness. Hayley's mobility has been increasing substantially, and before she started crawling, she was rolling everywhere. But sometimes she is too lazy to roll:

And now we come to Hayley's first moments of crawling. For a couple months she's been doing everything (rolling side to side, backing up, rocking back and forth in place) except for crawling. She finally got her first taste of forward motion and she hasn't looked back. Technically, it's still a sort of dead man's crawl since her tummy touches the floor while she moves, but that doesn't change the fact that we officially NEED baby gates. Look out, here comes Hayley:

Our final video features a time-honored tradition, the inaugural tasting of lemon:

As you can see, instead of making hilariously disgusted faces, throwing the lemon away and giving her parents dirty looks, Hayley acts like it's a wondrous new flavor of which she can't get enough. She does seem confused through most of it, but hardly disgusted. Maybe this is a good thing.

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mrs.notouching said...

What is it about the remote control that babies love so much? They should sell them in baby isles. Hayley is so cool and chilaxed about everything. I will have to film Leila's reaction to lemon!