Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today, we celebrated a special day. A day I will only see once in my life: September 9th, 2009. This day wasn't only special because of the date. The Beatles: Rock Band came out today (along with the CD remasters). I took Hayley to a nearby Gamestop to pick up my reserved copy, then headed to Best Buy to get the replica of John Lennon's Rickenbacker 325.

Hayley got to see a damn good re-creation of the Beatles (with daddy on guitar) playing some classics at the Cavern Club and the Ed Sullivan Show. When mommy got home, she took over guitar while daddy sang. We're going to play through the entire saga of the Beatles, and hopefully one day Hayley will be able to join us. It is my sincere hope that this game will help my daughter, and a whole new generation, fall in love with the Beatles the same way I did.

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Mominator said...

You can't go wrong with the Beatles! Every child should grow up with Beatle tunes! Good girl! We play them all the time around this home.