Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I can't believe it's already July! Yesterday, Hayley celebrated her first 4th of July with us on a beautiful, sunny California day. As usual, we made the trip down to Morgan Hill for Uncle Danny and Aunt Patty's annual get-together. This time, we arrived with a baby and lots of baby gear.

The day had actually started off a bit slow, since I wasn't feeling well and Miranda was busy with party preparations. By the time we headed out, though, spirits were high. We happened to be the first to arrive, but it wasn't too long before the house started to fill up with family and friends. The afternoon that followed was nothing but good times.

The highlight of the day was taking Hayley into the pool for the very first time. Since she is such a fan of bath time, we figured this would be a joyous occasion. We were mostly right. There was a bit of trouble getting Hayley into her floater, so she was a little upset to begin with, but once Miranda calmed her down it was smooth sailing. After a while, Hayley was done and fell asleep in mommy's arms pretty quick.

Playing in the pool with Kati, Kelley and Dylan was lots of fun. Afterward we all got to enjoy the great food that we've all come to expect on the 4th of July. Especially Miranda's delicious cake! The rest of the evening was spent in relaxing conversation with family. Then we headed home before fireworks started to get a jump on traffic and to make sure Hayley stuck to her bedtime routine. Once she was tucked in, Miranda and I finished off the holiday by watching the Boston Pops fireworks show.

All in all, a pretty perfect Independence Day with the fam.


mrs.notouching said...

I love the last part of the video where Hayley is just chilling in her floater like a pro :-) Looks like you guys had a blast! Happy first Independence Day to little Hayley!

Miranda said...

Yeah, we were joking that she just needed a bottle with a little umbrella in it and she'd be set!