Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First Mother's Day

All I wanted for Mother's Day was to spend a nice day with my family. Lucky for me, Geoff is a great husband so I got that and more.

The day started with Hayley letting us all sleep in until about 9a.m. One thing I love about the weekends is how we all wake up in our bed together. Within a few minutes of Hayley stirring (she's the dictator in this household) all 3 of us are stretching and yawning in sync. I love looking over to see this beautiful little girl between me and my husband.

Once Hayley was fed we all got up and ready to go the farmer's market. Before we left, Hayley and Geoff gave me a few cards and gifts. There may have been some tears due to the cards. Hayley got me some chocolates and Geoff remembered that there was this scarf at Nordstrom that I really liked because it was pink and green and reminded me of Hayley.

After changing into something that matched my new scarf better we stopped at Starbucks before heading to the market. We've been spending our Sunday mornings like this for a few weeks now and I must say it's quickly become one of my favorite parts of the week. We take some time to just relax and stroll around while looking at new, fresh and interesting foods and crafts. There is also a baby store that we visit each time that is owned by a former San Jose Sharks player and his wife. They have a one year old daughter who sometimes runs the shop with her mommy while her daddy, who is also a musician, plays his guitar outside. This Sunday seemed to be Hayley's day because she ended up leaving the market with 2 books about a turtle named Zonk by a local artist, a headband and a pink sun hat.
Doesn't she look like she's about to tell you your fortune? And you may not be able to see, but her shirt says "I'm Mommy's Dream Come True". Indeed.

Afterwards we went to my mom's house to wish her a happy Mother's Day and give her a present. The gift was appreciated, sure, but she really felt much like I did on that day: Hayley is by far the best gift we could have ever been given.

Eventually Margaret and Kelley came over and we all headed to the mall with Kati with a mission: find Kati a prom dress! I love looking at special occasion dressed and it was extra special to get to see my little sister look so beautiful in all of the dresses she tried on. We only had to go to 2 stores before finding THE dress. Kati's boyfriend, Matt, is going to be one lucky guy to have her on his arm that evening.

We had a bite to eat before leaving the mall and then called it a night. Once home, I gave Hayley a bath (which is the highlight of most of my days).

While I gave her her bedtime bottle Geoff went to pick us up some ice cream. Once Hayley fell asleep we moved her into our bed where I lay down beside her to go to sleep while Geoff rubbed my feet. To top it off, Hayley didn't wake up until I woke her at 6:15 Monday morning!

I just want to thank Geoff and Hayley for making me a mother and for making my first Mother's Day special. You both are my everything. I love you.

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