Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy baby

Life as a 6-week-old must be very tiring. Just look at all she's done:

Hayley visited her first beach, the San Gregorio state beach on Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. She wasn't quite ready to play in the sand, of course, but she got a whiff of the sea air. That day, she also saw downtown Half Moon Bay (which apparently is a ghost town on Tuesdays) and then hung out at the best ice cream joint in the bay area, Marianne's in Santa Cruz.

Hayley met her cousin Caiden James Gilbrecht (born March 4th, a mere 11 days after her). They sat together for a little bit, wondering why the adults were making so much noise at them. Afterward, she was all smiles. Hayley made her first friend!

She also took her first full bath. Up until then, we were just wiping her down and washing her hair over the sink. She usually enjoys that, so we were hoping she would like the bath. As you can see, she was not thrilled. Maybe next time.

Hayley even went to her first sporting event to cheer on Dylan, who was playing in his first t-ball game (yes, he's only 3 years old). It was a beautiful Saturday morning in sunny California and the crowd was excited. Naturally, Hayley slept through it all.

Other highlights: we've started supplementing her diet with formula, she's wearing more of her cute outfits, we took her to the Sharks store at HP Pavilion, aka the Shark Tank (where the San Jose Sharks play and where she'll go to her first hockey game next week), she's cooing and playing more, still sleeping a lot, and adding tummy time to her day. We also got some good news at the pediatrician's office when we brought Hayley for an impromptu weigh-in. Our baby is officially in the double digits! She tipped the scale at exactly 10 pounds. This means she is gaining weight properly.

Woo! I'm growing!

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Mary Ann said...

What a beautiful baby girl! She looks like a doll!