Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hayley's first (in utero) Halloween

Friday night we celebrated Halloween at Marsha's house, as usual. Stephen's "haunted house" (it's really just A Nightmare Before Christmas come to life now) was his best yet. I had lots of candy but Miranda limited herself to some mini M&Ms (for Hayley, of course). Aunt Kati was there, too, with her BF and another friend. There were some good costumes, but I have to say ours were the best. Check us out:

Yes, we're a baker and the devil. In case you're not quite sure why I went as a baker, perhaps my bakery logo (made by none other than the devil you see above) will explain it:

See, cuz I've got a bun. In the oven. Right now. Get it?

Miranda's pregnant.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to next year when we actually get to dress up our little girl. It will be hard to settle on a costume though. Maybe we'll just get a bunch and keep changing her costume throughout the night.

I hope everyone else had a fun Halloween this year! Here's another pic, just for giggles:

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